Established in December, 2007 the Brackenridge High School Alumni Association has established itself as a leader in the community. We promote the interest and welfare of Brackenridge High School by fostering the moral, spiritual and intellectual ideals taught and inspired by the school. We lend support to worthy projects and activities of the students by providing broadened educational opportunities through the support of scholarships. We also sponsor and develop alumni activities to advance the loyalty of the alumni for the benefit of Brackenridge High School and to establish a more effective relationship between the school and its alumni.

To date we have awarded a total of $94,000 in scholarships to 94 deserving students. This year our goal is to meet and exceed a total of $100,000 in scholarhips awarded. Our scholarship recipients attend colleges and universities throughout the United States. We are proud of the tradition of excellence we have established and maintained since our inception in December, 2007.

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